How It Works

Quantius automatically analyzes your images. Here's how it works:

  1. Upload your images. Explain how you want the images to be analyzed—for instance, "click the center of each green shape."

  2. Quantius analyzes your images. We show your images and instructions to thousands of workers. Real humans will read your instructions and analyze your images. Depending on the number of images, it usually takes between a few hours and a few days to finish a job.

  3. Download the results. We'll email you when your job is complete. You can download your images with annotations overlaid. You can also download the raw data in several formats, including Excel, CSV, and JSON. We'll automatically create figures and computations to help you understand your data.

Why use Quantius?

Quantius helps you analyze large numbers of images. Scientists spend many hours analyzing images by hand—counting dots, outlining shapes, etc. Quantius will do this automatically so that you can spend your time on more interesting and important things.

In addition to saving time, Quantius has many scientific benefits. For instance, it helps eliminate biases that arise when researchers analyze their own data. It also enables experiments that weren't possible before because they would generate too many images to analyze by hand.

Now, instead of clicking through thousands of images, you can load the images on Quantius and get the data automatically.

Quantius is built on Amazon's Mechanical Turk platform, where crowd workers perform "human intelligence tasks" that are too difficult for machines.

Try it

Check out the getting started guide to learn how to use Quantius.